The Pocahontas County Water Resources Task Force (WRTF) is a volunteer entity of the Pocahontas County Commission. The WRTF formed in late 2008 when a group of Pocahontas County citizens requested the commission create a countywide water resources management plan (WRMP) pursuant to WV Code §22-26-1, The Water Resources Protection and Management Act. The first WRTF steering committee formed in 2010. WRTF has received grant funding from WV DEP, US EPA and Secure Rural Schools Title II funds (administered through the USFS).

WRTF Steering Committee Members

Dennis Egan (Green Bank)

Alvan Gale (Marlinton)

Beth Little (Lobelia)

Donald McNeel (Hillsboro)

Margaret Worth (Edray)

Past Members

Jo Lori Drake (Arbovale)

Joshua Hardy (Hillsboro)

Anne Smith (Green Bank)

Purpose and goals

The foremost goal of Water Resources Task Force (WRTF) is the completion and implementation of a water resources management plan (WRMP) for Pocahontas County. Through this WRMP, WRTF strives to (1) integrate efficient and effective water resources management, (2) coordinate and assist a diverse group of individuals and organizations responsible for water resources management, (3) promote sustainable economic development, and (4) ensure local input.

WRTF Mission

identify, inventory, and monitor Pocahontas County’s water sources and uses;

promote public awareness and foster wise use of Pocahontas County’s water resources;

support the economic vitality of Pocahontas County;

and contribute to the management and protection of the county’s water resources