Residents & Visitors - Conservation BMP

Small adjustments can create big improvements that could lead to gains on conserving our precious resource during your daily approaches to water at home or work. Have fun calculating your water consumption and try tips to maximize usage while decreasing your bills!

EPA Best Management Practices for Water Conservation

EPA’s Sustainable Facilities Practices Branch (SFPB) had developed this list of BMP (Best Management Practice) for maximizing conservation, efficiency and minimizing water use. Following are 14 BMP recommended that the EPA had gathered to put in action.
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Water Calculator

How much water do I use? How do I compare? How can I conserve? After answering these basic questions you will be able to understand how and where you can use less water. This link contains a quick and easy Water Calculator along with simple conservation tips that saves water and energy.
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100+ Ways to Conserve

This link provides you of small adjustments you , your family, can do to conserve water, find fun games, resources for teachers , home audits, water –saving products list, home water challenges, and more!
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