Residents & Visitors - Permits / Services

We had gathered links about the most relevant sources of information to provide you guidance on water services, water permits and water related emergency preparedness.


Office of Environmental Health and Services- tThis site is the general site for the Office of Environmental Health and Services in West Virginia. It includes many services such as wells, cisterns and springs permitting procedure, a list of well certified drillers , a well test for potential water contamination, etc.
WV Division of Homeland and Emergency Management- This page contains the plans and strategies of this division to provide coordinated government actions in case of disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts.
Pocahontas County PSA- Learn all about your Pocahontas Public Service Authority meeting sessions.
WV Stream Disturbance Permitting Requirements- This booklet gives you a general overview on various permits or certifications required before remedial work is conducted in West Virginia. Such projects include: streams and wetlands for water quality improvement projects, installation of habitat structures, stream bank stabilization, and other channel modification measures.
WV Department of Environmental Protection- This links provides information about the numerous programs the Division of Water and Waste Management’s (DWWM) administers through permits to control surface and groundwater pollution caused by industrial, municipal and storm water discharges, as well as oversight of construction, operation and closure of hazardous and solid waste and underground storage tank sites.


West Virginia American Water - This link provides information on all the billing information, rates, and wise use of the resource to West Virginia water consumers.