Water Resources Management Plan - WRMP

The Pocahontas County Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) is a free resource for water management in Pocahontas County, WV. It is not a thick document collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Rather, it is a compilation of many small reports, data, tools, and sub-plans, all of which are housed on this website.

There is no regulatory component to this plan. It was developed on good faith that the people of Pocahontas County will choose to make responsible and sustainable decisions if given enough information to do so.

The WRMP is available to anyone and everyone. It is our sincere hope that interest in and utilization of this plan will be widespread. It was developed with significant input from various local stakeholders and a lot of hard work from the all-volunteer Water Resources Task Force steering committee.

The technical work on this plan was completed by a team of well-qualified scientists and environmental consultants. The scientific methods used have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by the WV DEP and this plan has been filed as part of West Virginia’s inaugural statewide water resources management plan.

The WRMP is organized into four core components—strategic water resource areas, water monitoring plans, assessment tools, and implementation tools.

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Comprehensive water resources management is a complex and continuous undertaking. It involves thorough data collection, management, and analyses. It also requires effective organization, open communication, and perhaps above all, the spirit of collaboration. Water management in Pocahontas County is, and will always be, an ongoing effort. With this in mind, the WRMP is designed to be revisited and revised every five years. In the interim, new data will be collected, supplementary reports will be produced, and everyone who chooses to utilize this tool will be taking part in the collective implementation of the plan.